Honc Once

Guess what, Liberals!

We have to come up with a new label for “racists”. It’s inaccurate.

I’m in another Facebook flamewar with various representatives of Right Wing Nation, and they are getting all butt-hurt at my calling Donald Trump a racist. Even though Trump has said some questionable things during the campaign, THEY who voted for him surely aren’t racists. Riiiigghhht?

And, demographically speaking, Mexicans, and Muslims are not a different race than Caucasians.

Splitting hairs even further, there is ONLY ONE RACE, the HUMAN Race.

OK, fine…. we’ve only been using this word in this specific context for some 50-plus years, but you want to re-brand racism, I’m here to help. So now, Trump and his supporters should be known as:

“Haters Of Non-Caucasians and Other Non-Christian Ethnicities” or let’s use the acronym “HONC ONCE”. (Copyright, 2017, factsMatter.us)

I suppose we could fall back on the label “Honky (honkie, or honkey)” , a once-popular epithet directed at white people, but I feel this word is not specific enough.  I think “Honc Once” gets right to the heart of who Trump is, and who supports him. These are true ‘Muricans who wouldn’t know a fact if it came up and kissed them. I suppose we could also apply this term to Brexit supporters in the United Kingdom too.

In truth, we could also just use the word “asshole,” or “pendejo,” but again, this is such a blanket type term that could cover a wide swath of assholery that it just isn’t fair to assholes who AREN’T of the formerly racist variety.

I’m not quite certain how “Honc Once” will work in a grammatical way. Hmm… we need to experiment:

“Donald Trump is a Honc Oncer” “Honcker?”
“Jim, who voted for Trump, is a Honc Once.”

OK, admittedly its a little clunky.

Let’s put it out on the porch and see if the cat licks it up.