Dear Every other country on planet Earth,

Through a flaw in our Constitution, the United States of America has elected someone to be the President who is not qualified to hold the office.

You may have noticed already that the President-elect has ethical conflicts within this country, and has demonstrated highly offensive conduct towards it’s people.

One of his other flaws is his incessant use of technology to speak directly to the people of the world without regard for the consequences of his words.

Sad to say, but the majority of US citizens do realize what our people have done by voting this person into office and we are doing what we can to rectify the issue. Unfortunately, we may not be able to do so for another 4 years.

Therefore…. We, the majority of people who voted for his opponent ask you, the leaders and diplomatic corp of every other country on the planet, to exercise all restraint toward the USA you can muster, and wait out this period of what we can only describe as the temper tantrum of a small child who has been given the most powerful office in the free world.