I haven’t seen any claims on the internet about this being a doctored image.
I consider myself pretty good at spotting faked images (taught digital image manipulation for 12 years) and this has fake elements.

Check out the disembodied arm next to the woman with the pink hat (white outline). Clearly that’s a right arm, and it appears to be that of a male.
Where is the person attached to it? The white top that appears in the armpit of the man in the blue shirt looks like its being worn by the woman holding the sign.

Next, look at the sign the woman is holding (or perhaps its being held by the man behind her in the white t-shirt. The wedding ring indicates to me that it’s the woman’s arm.) The paper itself is perfectly white. If it caught the perfect bright light, that light would be shining on a lot of people as well.

I’m also not happy with the shadow being cast by the blue shirt guy on sign-holding woman. It’s TOO perfect. Photoshop has a tendency to do that. Compare that to the shadow on that suspicious arm.

The last things I see in the background are just a myriad of people put together to make it look like a crowd.

I’m not buying it. I call “Photoshop”.

(BTW, you can click on the large image and see it in a new browser window.)