I’m sure many of you have seen this video or others like it. Trump contradicts himself, over and over. I realize one or two of these MIGHT be out of context, but I doubt it.

Why would Trump change his positions? These examples seem rather extreme. The question is: How often does a tiger change his stripes? Never, right? But look at these examples. Trump has changed 180 degrees.

Not only that, but his behavior has become increasingly erratic and unpredictable from the moment he questioned President Obama’s birth location until today.

Look at the video. Seriously. Look at it again. In the older footage, he is calm, collected, reasonable. Much of the footage through the campaign, he looks like an actor. Look at 48 seconds, he does his Jewish mother act. At 1:14, and through a few clips, he’s doing his Al Pacino from “Scarface” impression. At 3:07, Jewish mother again. At 3:24, this is his O.J. Simpson impression similar to when O.J. Simpson said he wouldn’t wear “ugly ass shoes”. Moving to 5:05 and the next few scenes, he does his best violent psychopath.

All this is to say that Trump seems to have had a major mental flip-flop in the gap years up to when he started questioning Obama’s birthplace.

But, why? Just to get votes to inflate his already super-sized ego?

Try this conspiracy theory on for size:

Is it possible that Trump is being blackmailed, and his flip-flopping, his obfuscation, his assholery is merely a cry for help?

Look, there is no doubt that Trump has been a bullying, spoiled brat since even before military school. He grew up privileged and pampered.

So let’s play a scenario: Let’s say that you’re Putin and you’ve just taken over Russia shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. Your country needs influence over the country (USA) that essentially forced what was the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. You have money from black markets and oil and what not, but no influence to bring your arch-rival down to size. Who is approachable? Who is vulnerable? Who lives life to excess and is public about his excesses? There are a fistful of wealthy Americans that fill some of the bill, but guys like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates are not likely very vulnerable. However, Donald Trump has been well-known for the better part of 40 years, much of that time as the Zsa-Zsa Gabor of the financial world. He was famous for being famous. Translation: He slapped his name on things, and built some things, and has certainly appeared to milk all these activities for as much public relations value as possible.

Here’s the question: Is it possible that being a high-profile socialite made him vulnerable to attention from Putin and perhaps other Russians? Is it possible that Putin has been cultivating Trump for a LONG time until Trump could be positioned for a Presidential run? Actually, Trump had been grooming himself for this run for a long time as well, as far back as 1988.

Timeline to Trump’s Presidential run.

Timeline of Trump’s relationship with Putin

It would appear that Trump started to say nice things about Putin in 2007. Why? Why would ANY American say anything positive about Putin?

What IF Putin or some intermediary had been bankrolling Trump to some degree over the years?

Stay with me here…

Is it possible that Trump’s ego has run amok for so long that he himself never really noticed how badly his businesses were doing… making him vulnerable to offers of infusions of cash from foreign banks and governments that would prop up his businesses and allow him to continue to live an opulent, public and pampered lifestyle?

Quick point: Why would Trump WANT the Russian’s money? Best guess: Perhaps Russia was offering attractive loans with easy access to cash. Essentially, maybe Russia could be a loan shark, but instead of accruing and paying a high vigorish (street lingo for obscenely high interest rate), Trump could pay in kind words about Putin, and for Trump to run for President with the added implication that Putin and Trump could ‘work’ together.

A look at some of Trump’s recent financial problems.

While Trump is well-known to have an ego, it probably wasn’t until the 2010 midterm elections as well as the rise of the Tea Party when Trump started getting wacky. The Tea Party had already started questioning Obama’s birthplace, but Trump really was the one to come aboard and become the poster boy for the issue. Look at the topic as a trial balloon to see how truly nutty Americans had become. About this time, Hillary Clinton had drawn the ire of Vladimir Putin.

See “Why Putin hates Hillary”.

The conditions were becoming ripe for Trump to not just speculate about running for President, but actually running.

Why? Because the Republicans had been grooming NO ONE to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. They knew (as everyone should have known) that Clinton was going to run in 2016. And who did they deliver? The 17 dwarves in the Klown Kar of Presidential deplorables. Trump had two things going for him: Brand awareness and Entertainment factor. There wasn’t an actual LEADER among the entire field. Well, at least no leaders that could out-insult, and out-mug Trump.

2016 Presidential Election

Now is the right time for Putin to give the U.S. a major “Fuck You.” The Democratic Party runs (despite Bernie’s success in the primaries) the one woman that not only the Republicans HATE, but Putin hates too.

But…. WHAT IF? What if the candidate actually didn’t WANT to run for President? At least not in any REAL way. What if he just wanted to say he ran for President just for the advertising and Brand awareness of his business?

How would you try and get out of it? If you had been known as a lefty-ish business man for many years, but started supporting populist right-wing ideas merely in order to get votes and support (or at least appearing to give it a good shot)… if you were caught in a trap where you would be exposed for not only shady, but illegal business dealings with foreign governments and businesses if you DIDN’T run for President, and THEN face treason charges… what would you do?

And what if your new contrarian positions were becoming more popular? How would you get out of that? Don’t you think you might try to LOSE the election, if not the primaries.

Might you not behave more erratic and disagreeable, and perhaps even more egotistical and arrogant in an effort so that even your supporters would leave you in droves? What if the problem, at that point, is that not only do the faithful double-down on their support, but also the Russians work in the background to ensure a victory by hacking in key voting districts with just enough changes to affect the Electoral College?

What if you WON the election, and you still didn’t want to be President?

Might you then continue your erratic behavior so that clear-thinking professionals would get the clues that something is very very wrong? You choose your cabinet nominees by picking people that are antithetical to the position/departments they are proposed to lead, but are largely, if not WHOLLY unqualified to do so?

Would you not walk back some of your whack-job positions from the campaign in the weak, and thinly veiled attempt to not actually do harm to the country?

Of course, this all pre-supposes that Trump is basically sane.

Recently, Keith Olbermann issued an op-ed where he spoke to Trump supporters directly and proposed that Trump is not a well man. That perhaps he has mentally snapped.

Keith Olbermann Has A Message To Share With Your Trump-Supporting Friends

Sorry, but it’s tough to argue with Olbermann’s logic.

My fellow Americans, I put it to you that there is a possibility that the U.S. has elected a Russian asset to the presidency who was trapped by his own ego and excess for so long that he didn’t know how to extricate himself from being blackmailed by a hostile, foreign government bent on revenge.

Another possibility is that Trump is “Not Well.”

Either way, he needs to be removed from office at once.

Lastly, I can see someone saying: Well, if he’s not well, then take it easy on Trump, to which I say, NO WAY!

The pressure cannot stop. If the Republican Party won’t stop him, and his handlers won’t do anything to stop him, then why should anyone else go easy on him? The man is mind-numbingly vulnerable to Putin, to the extreme right wing of the Republican party, and to his own ego.