I’ve been sitting on this thought for a few days. Pardon me, this is going to be dark.

The evidence seems to be piling high that Trump has been colluding with Russians to not only obstruct justice, but probably also steal the 2016 Presidential election.

There has been speculation (even on this site) that Trump may have been and is still being blackmailed. Let’s drop all the whos, wheres and whys for a moment. Let’s just say that Trump HAD to run for President. Let’s pretend for a minute that Trump was just a regular-ish Joe who fell in with some bad people, and he doesn’t know how to get himself out of a bad situation.

Don’t you think that if YOU were in HIS position that you would run to the Feds and rat out the bad guys and ask to be put in the Witness Protection Program, or actually come clean and ┬ácop to the crime and go to prison. I mean… who wants all that guilt on their head? What regular person who has lived in this country for the last 70 years… and lived through the cold war… could side with Russians, and against Americans? What Patriot does that?

Let’s take this a step further… If you were in that position and felt you were trapped and couldn’t go to the Feds for Witness Protection, or couldn’t do time in prison… don’t you think that you would take a bullet for your country, and just end it all by getting a gun from one of your NRA buddies and putting it in your mouth and pulling the trigger? (but first putting a bullet in the head of your vice-president first)

Not that I’m suggesting this, but I’m saying that IF YOU WERE A PATRIOT that cared about this country and had gotten yourself in a jam with bad people who were making you commit treason against your fellow countrymen, don’t you think that you would find a way to make it right somehow?